Handbook for Citizen Journalists
The ONLY book written for active and aspiring citizen journalists!

Table of Contents

Table of ContentsHandbook for Citizen Journalists

Part 1 - Wanted: ONE MILLION Citizen Journalists
Primary Author - Ron Ross

1. Citizen Journalism is Happening
2. Citizen Journalism - More Than a Passing Fad

3. Why be a Journalist?

4. The Similarities and Differences Between Citizen Journalists and Professional Journalists

5. Three Categories of Citizen Journalists

6. Challenges Facing Citizen Journalists

7. Six Questions to Determine if You Have What it
Takes to Be a Citizen Journalist
8. YOUR Call to Citizen Journalism

9. Will You Answer the Call?

Part 2 - The Skills You Need to be a Successful Citizen Journalist

Primary Author - Susan Carson Cormier

10. Journalism 101 - Defining the News and How to Write
11. How to Write Feature Articles
12. How to Write About Sports

13. How to Conduct an Interview

14. How to Generate Story Ideas

15. How to Edit Yourself

16. The Importance of Sourcing

17. How to Avoid Libel

Part 3 - Values - Methods - Resources
Authors - Ron Ross & Susan Carson Cormier

18. Core Values of the National Association of Citizen Journalists
19. 31 Ways You Can Write, Produce and Distribute News About Your Community
20. Resources for Citizen Journalists
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